Regal of tempo and temper


Troppo Allegro

Remember seasons? Seem to recall those once were easier
Reasonably sequenced, regal of tempo and temper,
Reliable change flipped heads-over-tails each quarter
Recovering the hemisphere with four fine suits, knock-off designer.

Recently, someone shuffled, cut the deck into disorder:
Relapse, tic, hiccup, snap, weeks issued like hipster
Rediscoveries…join the club! No closer
Reading required to diagnose this crazy weather…

The start of Christopher Spaide’s “Recycler” and a kitchen sink drawing by Lucinda Rogers. I quite like non music things that reference music; here “troppo allegro” means too fast. I think the kitchen sink anchors it.

Soft greys


On the last day of my stay, Portland reverted to its usual weather. Autumn colours in the Woodlawn Park just over the road from the Airbnb I was staying in. Being a Brit, I quite like this weather…

October 2017.

Su Lam


The Su Lam Chinese garden in Portland is about 10 minutes’ walk from the main train and bus stations in a pretty concrete part of town. As soon as you step through the door you’re miles away. Photos October 2017.

Spinning the globe


As longer-term readers will know, I very much like finding places that if you saw them in a book you’d mentally place on another point of the globe. I’m pretty sure most people would think this was a Scottish Island, unless you already knew the Pacific north-west.


All photos Oregon, Cannon Beach. October 2017.