A transfer of enthusiasm

My friend once pointed out to me how negatively I spoke about sales. She looked at me and said “Tina, selling is a transfer of enthusiasm. Nothing else.” It was a game changer for me

– Tina Ross Eisenberg, aka Swiss Miss and founder of Tattly, TeuxDeux and Creative Mornings

the sun and the moon together

My Dear Sir,

Many thanks for the copies of Wood’s work and the Quarterly Review. I have seen Turner’s drawings at Finden’s this morning – they are certainly very beautiful as works of art but there are some anomalies about them such as the sun & the moon being in the same valley together and in the southern view of Jerusalem the sun in full splendour to the north – I intend to call upon the ticklish gentleman and see if I can persuade him to correct these and some other triflings from fidelity…

Charles Barry to John Murray III, 1833

Overcoat weather

Though brilliantly sunny, Saturday was overcoat weather again, not topcoat weather as it had been all week and as everyone had hoped it would stay for the big weekend – the weekend of the Yale game.

The opening of Franny and Zooey