Feed of the week


The Instagram feed of @susan_holloway_scott_author has such lovely paintings on it. I don’t know where she finds them all, but I especially love her ability to run a theme (women having tea; sewing; blue dresses; sisters) across a real variety of pieces. She must have a wonderful visual memory for finding ideas, and her feed really inspires me. Here’s a selection from her “sisters” series.


From top to bottom:

The three daughters of John Julius von Vieth and Gossenau by Anton Graff

Sargent – the Acheson sisters

The sisters – William McGregor Paxton

Bella and Hanna, eldest daughters of M L Nathanson by Cristoffer Eckersberg

My granddaughters – Edmund Charles Tarbell

Sisters – William Gabriel de Glehn

Sargent – the Misses Hill




Angela Burdett-Coutts was not only a formidable philanthropist and champion of Dickens, she also clearly had a good eye for a bit of gold-glitzed tartan. Joking aside, I do like how the National Portrait Gallery is finally including more women on its walls, from Georgian actresses and suffragettes to the artists themselves. About time! Follow along on their Instagram feed for more wonderful discoveries, including pieces from their recent photographic commissions.



“The Departing Angel”

Ooh, this is great! Carel Weight is an artist I discovered on Instagram, and who painted mainly between 1945 and the 1970s.


What I love most is his ability to interpret morality in a modern setting, exactly as medieval books of hours did. For those of us setting off on the Advent journey this is rather nice.

The pictures above are from his series the Seven Deadly Sins (pride; anger), and also show his ongoing fascination with London suburban life:


This selection are spread across Battersea and Clapham, the places that I knew growing up even if mainly from the back seat of the car.


And how about this for observation?