Durer / Rubens / Signac / Schiele / Lebasque / Lebasque / Cezanne / Vuillard / Nolde / Feininger / Monet / Monet / von Werefkin: Sunday in the Albertina, Vienna. June 2017.

Sunny rebellion


The Sussex Modernism exhibition at 2 Temple Place has just closed, and although the (rather gorgeous) mock-Jacobean setting was exactly what this generation rebelled against, the works themselves remained defiantly sunny.

A little madness


A little madness in the Spring /
is wholesome even for the King

Emily Dickinson. As ever with ED, there are so many meanings, that I could read a sentence forever. But right now, while weighing up whether I should see the ED biopic A Quiet Passion, I’m just enjoying these madly extravagant coiffures and bonnets.


From top to bottom: an early Picasso I’ve always liked, The Duchess of Kent, Julia Lady Peel, and a fashion shoot in this month’s Harpers Bazaar.

Three ladies


‘Mary’ by Leon Kroll (image from the freelimes Instagram account); ‘Her Leisure Hour’ by Irving Ramsey Wildes (image from the susan_holloway_scott_author Instagram account); ‘La Toilette’ by Marie Louise Catherine Breslau (image from the paintings.daily Instagram account).