Andreas Gursky


This show really lived up to the hype – the Hayward Gallery is back with a bang! Fascinating to see how Gursky’s work has changed through his career and his much more deliberate / obvious manipulations of the images too. Closes April 22, so get there soon.

The iced fire of your kiss


I think I was searching for treasures or stones
in the clearest of pools
when your face…

when your face
like the moon in a well
where I might wish …

might well wish
for the iced fire of your kiss;
only on water my lips, where your face …

where your face was reflected, lovely,
not really there when I turned
to look behind at the emptying air …

the emptying air

“echo”, Carol Ann Duffy

Photo from Mitchell Moreno’s series “Abide”, which wasin this year’s Taylor Wessing photographic prize, and which explored his love for his “extended queer family”.




The best bit of any trip is walking round the city seeing where side streets go, what the back of that church is, what Frogburger really is selling, etc. But walking by the Seine in flood, the book stores open as usual beats all that into a hat.


There was such amazing light the day that we went – a mix of gold, blue and dark grey – and in the river the water rising rapidly.

January 2018.



The Instagram feed @churchescathedralsofbritain could have been drawn up just for me. After a childhood of summer holidays involving a hefty amount of church crawling, I really believe these are some of great most beautiful overlooked buildings in the U.K. All photos from the feed.