Shyla London

1E045DC5-CFEB-4BB0-946C-C3810573E58C89F91223-6A37-4A99-9B47-1E69A4C3558657B6ABBC-5B45-4B32-A092-0B1959C8AF0AIf anyone’s in need of something light and frivolous today here’s some pretty earrings from Shyla that look like summer evenings in a park, or a glass of rose with friends in the garden to me – and at a time when that’s not possible, looking at something that gives you that feeling is a good thing.


The Garnered

The Garnered is the kind of shop where you probably can’t afford anything, and you definitely don’t *need* a champagne bucket or your sofa covered in 18th century chintz, but once you see it you want it.


It probably doesn’t help that they link up with such tasteful sites as Too Good, who position the new pieces amongst 15th entire glasses and pilgrim badges.