A little madness


A little madness in the Spring /
is wholesome even for the King

Emily Dickinson. As ever with ED, there are so many meanings, that I could read a sentence forever. But right now, while weighing up whether I should see the ED biopic A Quiet Passion, I’m just enjoying these madly extravagant coiffures and bonnets.


From top to bottom: an early Picasso I’ve always liked, The Duchess of Kent, Julia Lady Peel, and a fashion shoot in this month’s Harpers Bazaar.

Spring fancies


Top to bottom: Hera by George Washington Lambert (image from paintings.daily Instagram feed), lemons from thelittleran Instagram feed, LK Bennett’s sash pink court shoe, gingerbread house in Savannah (image from wanderwonders Instagram feed)

Twinkling dark

Last year I went on a walk round town as dusk was falling and as the town was lit up. As it’s still the 12 days of Christmas and time to enjoy a sparkle or two I thought I’d do the same. ThisĀ is a flurry of snapshots throughout the winter months, but I still like a good wander round and through town.


South Kensington, Trafalgur Square, the Strand, Hoxton, Farringdon, Walthamstow. East, West and Central London.

All photos November and December 2016.

Lemon pop

Because how could you not feel happy looking at these, and we all need a bit of yellow to lift us through the SAD.



I actually went down an Internet rabbit hole looking for a magazine image I couldn’t find, but I found these instead. Images a mix of internet finds from Remodelista.com and Pinterest, and my own photos on the hoof.