Liberty’s isn’t known for its low prices, but these ceramic baskets, riffing on a popular 18th century lattice-work style, come in at only £20 each. Well worth it, I’d say.



I haven’t posted some ceramics love here for a long time, so here’s a mug from the Slick and Sleet range. I don’t know how they thought up the name but this piece definitely conjures up the stormy seas to me.

The Angler

The Angler c.1912 by Sir William Orpen 1878-1931

I wonder if this William Orpen painting is currently on display in Tate Britain. It might not be in vogue enough for that trendiest of galleries, but it tells you so much about Edwardian England: the winged hat a knowing nod to Mercury and classical mythology, the trim hairstyle and tailoring of the still acceptably upper-class New Woman, the nostalgia for country pursuits and the echoes of baroque murals on family home ceilings in that dawn background… Also delightfully, delightfully pretty.

William Orpen, The Angler, 1912.



Inexplicable wish to buy this jumper and run around in it all holiday with a pair of short forest green shorts. Totally impractical as if it’s hot enough for me to wear shorts there’s no way I’ll be in a jumper, so can only guess that childhood self-indoctrination along the Swallows and Amazons / Enid Blyton lines is emerging again in this city girl. #timeforaholiday

Gudrun Sjoden

Love these ceramics, both the splodgy insides and the flower pattern. I can imagine this recycled glass plate with its subtle flower design looking stunning for dinners in the garden on summer evenings too.

Never has washing up looked so good. Photos from Pinterest, and The Women’s Room blog.

A little madness


A little madness in the Spring /
is wholesome even for the King

Emily Dickinson. As ever with ED, there are so many meanings, that I could read a sentence forever. But right now, while weighing up whether I should see the ED biopic A Quiet Passion, I’m just enjoying these madly extravagant coiffures and bonnets.


From top to bottom: an early Picasso I’ve always liked, The Duchess of Kent, Julia Lady Peel, and a fashion shoot in this month’s Harpers Bazaar.