Here’s to sunshine and summer breezes! Dress by Liberty and Co from the mid 1880s: the folds were a nod to Greek classicism, which was fashionable at the time. I think it’s still delightfully pretty.

Les blondes collection

The eighteenth century had a fashion craze for “clocked” stockings at one point. It basically meant coloured heels (and sometimes embroidered patterns on the main parts of the legs). This collection shows that some wishes never change:


Maybe it’s middle age or maybe it’s their sheer prettiness – which screams SPRING – but I want to buy a bunch of one pair each and present them to friends like bouquets

The confetti project


All photos from @the_confetti_project

These joyful photos had a somber beginning as Jelena (self portrait in the first image) began the portrait series when her father was diagnosed with cancer. As she said in a recent post, for a wholeness year her life was either cancer or spraying others with confetti, but it turned out to be the raft that took her to the next phase in life after her father died. I didn’t know the backstory when I first came across Jelena’s photos and I think they can easily be read as a modern update on Jumping series by Phillips Halsman.

Melanie Johnsson


Such pretty selections by illustrator Melanie Johnsson for her colour palettes series. When I was at uni I’d have hunted these down as cards and dotted them about the walls in my room, and now I think something like this would make a fun display for a guest bedroom. Of course it’s not just the colour mix but also Melanie’s fun captions that are the success.