Rainbow Row


East Bay Street in Charleston has a series of painted houses known as “rainbow row”.


The colonial era houses are generally stuccoed and painted, their window boxes and shutters offering contrasting splashed against the main colour. As you can imagine, it’s an Instagrammer’s dream.


photos, October 2018



Pretty pastel houses and French squares,


And street corners that look more like what visitors expect in London than the current reality itself.


There’s even a square called Charing Cross.

Photos from August 2018

Lattice work


A french wired silk bonnet from circa 1812. Bringing back ALL the memories of Georgette Heyer’s epic shopping scenes (Frederica and Charis in the millinery shop in particular, to be honest.)

Feed of the week


@ice_cream_books: does what it says on the tin. Ideal for heat waves… Each instagram post tells you not just what the book is, but also why that ice cream pairing was chosen for it, eg egg custard flavour; money pie for Piketty, etc

More fantasy shopping


As I don’t have pierced ears, and have no intention of changing that either, this set of earrings – like all the others I feature – are pure fantasy shopping, and none the worse for it. These are from The Adventurine.