Vitamin C for the eyes

Time for some colour at a time when the sun might feel far away!


from top to bottom: a performer dressed as Laxmi for a festival in Tamil Nadu (photo by @annapurauna); illustration by @livistrations; a Balenciaga cape from the 60s; “A Lady Reading” by Pierre Adolph Valette; a recent vintage steal by my neighbour green32f

Under an equal sky


“Under an equal sky” by Philip Baldwin and Monica Guggisberg, in Canterbury Cathedral. A good reminder that I want to see more of Kent this year. Photo by the excellent @georgianlondon, who seems to love the Spitalfields area as much as I do.



When she woke up the next morning, Maria found to her great surprise that her riding-habit had not been put ready for her. Instead there had been laid out a very decorous dark-blue gown with plain white linen collar and cuffs, a dark-blue cloak and a dark-blue straw hat with delphinium-blue ribbons.

Maria was not very fond of this costume. In spite of the ribbons, it was rather a sombre and serious outfit, and it made her feel as serious as itself. However she knew better than to put it away and get out her habit, for she realised now that what she did day by day was not left entirely to her own choice. She was more or less under orders. And it seemed that her orders for today did not include riding.

The Little White Horse – Elizabeth Goudge. The dress here actually is a rising habit and from about 40 years later than The Little White Horse is set, but as soon as I saw it it reminded me of this passage. Photo from @katestrasdin

Mothers Before



@mothersbefore is an Instagram feed full of daughters’ love for their mothers, for the strong and independent women they were before having families and for carrying that sense of self through with them. As someone with a mother like this, I really enjoyed it and related to the daughters.


Stories of immigration, education and adventure show how much women’s lives have changed in the past half century (and how recent that change is! So many of the mothers married at 19.)


My favourite is this one, where the caption explains how her mum built her own house whilst also working her way up the tech industry in the 80s. All stairs were built for her size 7 feet and none of the sinks had shaving mirrors.

Bow Common


Every time I travel out east, usually en route to my godfather in the Isle of Dogs, this church intrigues me. I’ve never seen it open or got to go inside, but hopefully these photos (top one by @miloliren, second by @clau500) shows why.


St Paul’s Bow Common, built 1958-1960