In Vogue

British Vogue has never felt more on point than it has since Edward Enniful took over the reins (just look at the last two months’ covers for a recent example), but American Vogue has recently been the focus of several – unsurprising – conversations about the narrow version of beauty and success that it

In reaction, people began mocking up selfies of themselves beneath the Vogue masthead to show what a less whitewashed version of beauty could look like. A piece of reclamation and I think we can all agree that these pics would sell £4.90’s worth of advertising and fantasy:


First up an absolutely stunning shot by @niaamroun


Then @fiona_laker in a cool preppy look


@bowtiesandbooks looking fierce – also follow them to get new ideas for your reading selections


@miniinaaz with a dramatic look that could also belong on a bridal magazine cover


Two smoking looks courtesy of @seanshotit


Class and style from @maryam_gaba


I can definitely see this shoot by @shellingsonsa being on the cover of British Vogue


Flames from @makombo_jeanmarie


@j_alfiaa looking ultra chic in the kind of not-bland-at-all minimalism that Meghan Markle is also good at


love this dreamy shot by @kawaiiabdul


I actually think this look from @magui_kayry is way too cool for current Vogue, although 60s Vogue would definitely have been this inventive


And hard to pick a favourite, but it’s probably this by @duz___duz



given how early spring seems to have advanced this year, it surely can’t be too long before the first English strawberries appear.

photo of this incredible table arranged to look like the most fairytale forest by @lailacooks

A royal bath


The Ujazdowski Park in Warsaw (nb, excellent free playground if you’re travelling with kids – I wouldn’t have minded an adult sized version of this!) and it’s immediate neighbour the Lazienski Krowleski Park were the first two things that came up in my immediate pre-departure googling.


Yes, I knew Warsaw would be a great place to go in late autumn / early winter; yes, I was looking forward to a weekend of dumplings and friends, but I realised that I didn’t actually know much about what to do or see there and that made me twitchy.


In the end, the most wonderful bits were obviously mooching in the Airbnb and walking in the parks chatting – but I’m very glad I knew about these parks to go to, not least because it led us to the most sumptuous brunch buffet courtesy of the Belvedere.



I was too busy eating it to take pictures, so for now here are some views from the two parks (the Ujadowski reminding me a bit of Copenhagen’s botanic gardens), and the bath lodge turned royal palace.


Not pictured: LUNCH, the amphitheatre opposite the royal palace that I imagine operates rather like the Regents Park Theatre in London in the summer, and the red squirrels bounding about everywhere.

Photos November 2019.