Cathedral crawl

On the last Bank Holiday, I set off on a cathedral crawl, taking in both ends of Hope Street in Liverpool


and the houses and art in between.


This is the Anglican cathedral, a monumental Gothic that removed the fussiness of the style and made it ready for the 20th century that was about to dawn.


Favourite details and the Catholic cathedral to follow later.

May 2017.



In amongst the Gothic architecture, vaulted ceilings and high windows in St Vitus’ Cathedral, Prague, is a saturation of colour from mosaics, wall-paintings and art nouveau glass.


Colour stains the stone walls, rains down on the visiting tourists.


April 2017.



I need to dig out my holiday photos from Palermo a few years ago, but here’s a cheat: web photos of the amazing Oratorio Di Santa Zita. Whipped cream a go-go.


Eat Sweat Play

So, so important, and reading this was a revelation that I don’t like exercise but do like sport:

For men, sport and exercise are all part of the same active continuum, but for women they are presented as two very distinct things. Exercise, with its approved end-goal of delivering you a better body, is revered for twenty-first-century women…

Sweating for sport [my emphasis] is not seen as beautiful. It’s raison d’etre strays too far from appearance…It’s…about grit and determination, not losing a few pounds or looking great but absolutely wiping the floor with your opponents. It’s about winning, showing aggression, being competitive, openly rejoicing and being proud in doing all of these things.

For more read the rest of Anna Kessel’s Eat Sweat Play. I completely agree with her analysis and I’m not sure I’d have got through previous hard times without the mental confidence from fencing. I also don’t think it’s any coincidence that my performance st work skyrocketed and I began thinking of myself differently once I took myself off the training sessions and onto the piste.

St Paul’s


Probably my favourite building in all of London. I love it in every weather: on a cold winter day with blue skies and big clouds


on a grey morning where it blends in with the Victorian and 1950s offices on Ludgate Hill


or on an unexpectedly golden afternoon.


All photos December 2016.