50s stained glass by Max Ingrand in the Eglise Saint-Saveur in Caen. Photo by the fantastic Jane Brocket, whose blog was the first one that got me hooked back in the day and now who’s happily writing again.



The Music Room, Lancaster – a converted summer pavilion built in the 1730s and showing the muses, Apollo and various Roman emperors around the wall.

All photos from a visit, May 2018.

Famous women


In some countries, 8 May is women’s day, so here’s a bunch more of the Vanessa Bell & Duncan Grant set that will hopefully be bought be Charleston soon and remain on public display.


The collection covered dancers (Pavlova, Taglioni), political movers and shakers (Sarah Churchill and several queens), writers (Georges Sand and Eliot), artists and muses (“La Bella Simonetta” was a subject for Bottecelli) and royal mistresses.


I recognised most of the women in set, including Dorothy Osborne, whose letters I studied at uni, but Agnes Sorel had me stumped…


Photos from my visit to the Piano Nobile gallery.