Under an equal sky


“Under an equal sky” by Philip Baldwin and Monica Guggisberg, in Canterbury Cathedral. A good reminder that I want to see more of Kent this year. Photo by the excellent @georgianlondon, who seems to love the Spitalfields area as much as I do.



Francois Ancelot painted by his wife Virginie in 1819, having the perfect post-Christmas rest in my opinion. As are these ladies


(Comtesse de Blot, Madame d’Egmont and Madame de Brionne by Louis Carmontelle), and this young man


(Young boy reading by Octavian Smigelschi)

nothing much happens


Nothing much happens podcast is subtitled bedtime stories for adults. As befits the title, nothing really happens and each story is 8-10 minutes long and gets read twice, the second time a bit slower than the first to help you go to sleep. Recommended for winter hygging and just calming down.