nothing much happens


Nothing much happens podcast is subtitled bedtime stories for adults. As befits the title, nothing really happens and each story is 8-10 minutes long and gets read twice, the second time a bit slower than the first to help you go to sleep. Recommended for winter hygging and just calming down.

Last day


of Christmas, and also a day for reflection and revelation before the routines of normal life kick in. Many of us are back at work and in the swing of those routines already, but there’s still time to:

1. Listen to the spirituals from Michael Tippett’s A child of our time.

2. Donate to one of the many charities that need help: Shelter, Crisis, Refuaid, Girls not Brides, Age UK etc.

3. Take a bag of stuff to the charity shop and come back to mull that last bottle of wine.



There’s something very comforting about this image – the sense of perspective from so many people having trodden those steps, and what wonderful light. Photo by @madreonthemove