Odds and ends

Because sometimes we all just need to look at very pretty things.


Ballet pumps from Tu; rings from “Champagne and glitter” on Etsy and Cassidy Vintage via Instagram; H&M vase that is quite like Lyngby; Minimum Design via Etsy that are quite like both; flowers via Floom, an online shop that links you to independent florists in your area; & other stories blouse; Seinabo Sey “I Owe You Nothing”

The Women


As easter starts with the women running to the tomb, here are Todd Hido’s beautiful and dignified photos of three women. They were displayed earlier this year as part of the Taylor Wessing photographic prize at the National Portrait Gallery.

Hagia Sophia


The Hagia Sophia, glory of the early 6th century building spree that the emperor Justinian and his wife Theodora went on the 520s and 30s had to be a must see when in Istanbul recently. After all, I’d spent the best part of two months studying this history at uni and the myth-making, deliberate rebranding and reinvention and circularity of Byzantine history fascinated me.


Unfortunately it was a cold and gloomy day and large parts of it were under renovation. (Stay with me – I don’t want to be like some of those tourists a friend overheard in the Sistine Chapel drawling “well I thought it would be more impressive.”) I did find the main body of the church impressive but also not somewhere I wanted to linger.


It was initially a real shock – I’d expected something completely different, and maybe if I’d visited on a sunny day where the interior felt blessedly cool and the sunlight lit up the curves of the dome and gold mosaics I’d have had a different first impression.


As it was, it felt grand but funereal and it wasn’t till I got up in the galleries that I really started to enjoy it.


This is where the mosaics of Byzantium appeared, burial slabs for a doge of Venice who died on the Fourth Crusade, and painted ceilings soared above it all.


March 2018.

Lucy Gauge


For someone who loves colour, I do also have a lot of black answers white art, and I also like both abstract and botanical-inspired pieces. So this exhibition of Lucy Gauge’s art at Botany in East London is on my to-see list. Temptingly for sale too!

Photo by @weareherenow