Cold pennies


They drove from shop to shop. The air was white and when they alighted it tasted like cold pennies…

Christmas shopping with EM Forster in Howards End. Photo of Mrs Nash and her chauffeur in The Mall in 1953 from the National Portrait Gallery, Scotland.

All saints

3AAA8F5D-192E-4E9B-9797-829C7F765D32Window by G.E.R Smith, St Peter’s, Maldon

As is the tradition every year I like to thank the friends in my life who are like saints daily. I don’t feel like I’ve been a terribly present friend myself this year, being wrapped up in quite a few personal things, so the fact that others continued to reach out means a lot. I can’t wait to be back in my own home and be able to gather friends round again once more. Those long chats with tea on the sofa are definitely coming in 2019.

So, to the friends who share their career frustrations with you and make you realise that you’ve both got this,

to the friends who share cat pictures on demand whenever needed (always),

to the friends who make you laugh and always bring fun to your life with their parties, enjoyment of life and enthusiasm,

to the friends who are neighbours and those who live far away but are happy visitors / welcoming hosts to a visit,

to the friends starting the next phase in their lives and bravely, kindly sharing it with you so that you can also see the path ahead,

to the friends who offer tea, gin, laughter, fun tales, nights out and art trips and give you a whole new burst of spirit without even realising it,

and the friends whose texts, hugs, thoughtful presents, and most of all the fact that they exist mean so much more than they’ll know, even with this mash note post… THANK YOU.

Odds and ends

Because sometimes we all just need to look at very pretty things.


Ballet pumps from Tu; rings from “Champagne and glitter” on Etsy and Cassidy Vintage via Instagram; H&M vase that is quite like Lyngby; Minimum Design via Etsy that are quite like both; flowers via Floom, an online shop that links you to independent florists in your area; & other stories blouse; Seinabo Sey “I Owe You Nothing”