At the lounge of everything

When we arrive at the lounge of everything
with our bags
handfuls of earth   the lives of our grandparents
in our memory devices
we expect an exchange of sorts, that is what
we expect
and I think everyone deep down expects
that we will not turn back
Through a high window we will connect stars
like line drawings
translate the sparkles of the poet
we will
sign the fascinating mouth of the speaker
we will sing
lyrics that someone thought were pretty good
we will sing them
and we will not turn back   we will not

Anne Kennedy’s The Arrivals

Feed of the week


While @arthusiast could easily just be another insta-formula-friendly meme, what this post doesn’t show isn’t the thoughtful, erudite and lightly-written intros to the work of each artist featured in the shot. It’s this that pulled me in and kept me coming back for more. I also like the fact that she doesn’t post a huge deal, which reinforces for me the sense that it’s real passion behind this feed.

If you like this kind of learning and fancy more, then also try @katestrasdin for textile history, @sophia_stories for world literature and poetry and @disraeli81 for the British aristocracy.



A taster for the Royal Academy’s exhibition this spring on Charles I and his art collection, where I’ll be hoping for more Van Dykes like this one. Thank you Becca for flagging it up to me.

Print it, hang it


I’ve banged on enough times here before about how easy it is to have things on the walls of your house – postcards, photocopies, bits of music – but I really love how House and Garden UK is now getting on the bandwagon with downloadable, printable artwork. This set is quirky and understated, although I also loooooove the wallpaper.



How beautiful is this statue from the antique collection at the Rodin Museum? Rodin collected Greek, Roman and Egyptian art for over 20 years and left it to the French state as part of his own works’ bequest.



For those of you with PLANS tonight, might I recommend this Jean Desses dress from 1956 and a few little jewels. I think a diamond and gold pine cone could go in the handbag, couldn’t it?