Time for another group of portraits:


Yulia Kustodieva painted by her husband Boris Kustodiev (isn’t the marbling paint he’s used to get her dress marvellous?); Matilda Stoughton by Gilbert Stuart looking far more polished than her actual 16 years, and a young woman sketching by Barthelemy Viellevoye.

Crumbs confettied the tablecloth

“She tore the rolls down the middle and crumbs confettied the tablecloth. She smeared on parsley butter. The bread was oven-warm against her lips. The butter’s sweetness melted into the salt of the bread. Something in her uncoiled as her teeth sunk into its embrace. So the next date she asked for two, and the next date and the one after that. The crusts were always crisp and the centres always soft.”

“Gluten” by Rowan Hisayo Buchanan – a short story available for free on the internet via “At The Table”. 

Feed of the week

It’s clear from this I like a good collection, theme or set so obviously I loved the matchbook diaries feed on Instagram when I first came across it.

If this whets your appetite, then check out the gorgeous and OTT match boxes by Polkra (squid, elephants, zebras) or Luke Edward Hall (sherbet colours and freeing heads). Secretly top up with “normal” matches when they run out.

Dilrani Kaur


If you like Meera Sethi and/or remember these playing cards by Sarah Ferone, you’ll also like Dilrani Kaur’s though provoking and witty work.


As well as her own take on the playing card deck (which comeback as either prints or t-shirts and jumpers) and the out of this world tiger sneakers, Dilrani also takes vintage Vogue covers and adapts them for an Indian viewer. Her website is here.