An unexpected find on a walk recently, I love the mix of beautiful and elegant scripts here that have been put together with as much love and care as colours in a painting.

Haggerston, October 2017.

The Angler

The Angler c.1912 by Sir William Orpen 1878-1931

I wonder if this William Orpen painting is currently on display in Tate Britain. It might not be in vogue enough for that trendiest of galleries, but it tells you so much about Edwardian England: the winged hat a knowing nod to Mercury and classical mythology, the trim hairstyle and tailoring of the still acceptably upper-class New Woman, the nostalgia for country pursuits and the echoes of baroque murals on family home ceilings in that dawn background… Also delightfully, delightfully pretty.

William Orpen, The Angler, 1912.