New faces


I was absolutely blown away by the Scottish National Portrait Gallery – it’s a high quality collection that’s also well displayed in interesting groupings that also gives a nod to wider historical trends, eg a large gallery explaining the jacobite cause and the Stuart’s visual propaganda around this, another gallery on the Italian Grand Tour, a third in Victorian imperial expansion. Well worth a visit.


Paintings top to bottom:

Kathleen Raine by Victoria Crowe; Sir William Bruce by John William Wright; the Dalyells by Victoria Crowe; Sir George Seton and sons by Adam de Colone; Culloden quodlibet by Thomas Keyes; John Campbell by Charles Jervas; apartment of the Earl of Seaforth in Naples by Pierrot Fabris: Lady Charlotte Campbell by Johann Wilhelmina Tischben

Cross cultural

4E2984F5-3A8A-41F1-907E-78C49BEFB3AAA fascinating alternative image of James I, which was painted by one of the foremost Flemish artists of the time who had moved to Scotland. I find it really interesting how this image so clearly harks back to an older style of painting, and how different the king looks from his usual fleshy self.

Soery about the poor quality image, but it was hard to get a photo without big reflections/glare from the lights on it.

c.1595, Adrian Vanson; in the scottish National Portrait Gallery.