Census taking


Lucinda Rogers’ gentrification exhibition at the House of illustration is a must see. Each piece documents the changing nature of life in Hackney and the changing communities. Striking, energetic, thought-provoking and top quality as ever.




As the Advent pilgrimage season continues, here’s some stunning photos from @martinrhartley’s Instagram feed. Martin seems to specialise in capturing Arctic expeditions and as well as these incredible images, his text is worth reading. He outlines how just standing still will kill you even though you might be in full protective gear, how an arctic explorer is also a mother of four in a classic “man pulling shed” shop, how clipping the corners off food packets and unnecessary zips and mosquito nets in a tent can save vital kilograms, and how salt leaches into the ice making it ironically very difficult to find ice to melt for drinking water. Fascinating and with no trace of self-pity.



The fourth candle has been lit.

How can you be in exile
when you live with the one you love?

Our Chinese Schiller stands by the window.
Outside, three crows ignore a snowman.

The fourth candle has been lit,
These flames make us linger –
these flames slip into our words –

Today it’s Handel on the radio –
and the northern sun is still strong.

Sujata Bhatt



“The Departing Angel”

Ooh, this is great! Carel Weight is an artist I discovered on Instagram, and who painted mainly between 1945 and the 1970s.


What I love most is his ability to interpret morality in a modern setting, exactly as medieval books of hours did. For those of us setting off on the Advent journey this is rather nice.

The pictures above are from his series the Seven Deadly Sins (pride; anger), and also show his ongoing fascination with London suburban life:


This selection are spread across Battersea and Clapham, the places that I knew growing up even if mainly from the back seat of the car.


And how about this for observation?