The world is a poem of my senses

The world is a poem of my senses.

The squares, the rushing cars; the trees, the dusty green
acquire their time from me;
the world is a poem of my senses
and ceases when I do.
This proximity, this lengthy moment, the soft feel of skin, are only in me, for me; an impression
or a ring around the illusion of my senses.
When I borrow from you an objective eye
I see (as through reversed binoculars)
how you walk along the bright street
the two of you, in the light of the awnings,
you are far away, ever further, still
you are, but smaller, disappearing.

Eeva-Liisa Manner. More poetry from @sophia_stories feed.

Soft greys


On the last day of my stay, Portland reverted to its usual weather. Autumn colours in the Woodlawn Park just over the road from the Airbnb I was staying in. Being a Brit, I quite like this weather…

October 2017.

An education


The Portland Art Museum has a really good collection, from sculptures in the courtyard outside the entrance hall to prehistoric Chinese art,


modern woodblocks, dancing gods, Versailles artists and portraits


Impressionists and Roman Syrian art,


American artists,


and three generations of the Wyeth family.


From top to bottom: street art, Chinese artefacts from 200 BCE, Jiang Bibo, Shiva from S India, Buddha from China, Jean-Baptiste Monnoyer x2, Gabriel Revel, Marianne Loyer, Alexandre Calame, Boucher, Gustavo Courbet and tomb carvings from Roman Syria, Julian Alder Weir x2, NC Wyeth, Eugene Speicher, Andrew Wyeth. Jamie Wyeth and Oswald Achenbach.

October 2017.

Reading in heels


Slightly cheesy title, but a fun monthly box that gives you or a friend a new (often newly-published) book plus a clutch of treats for a very affordable price. Put it this way, the price of the book takes up most of the price, and postage is an affordable £2 a month. I’m not sure if I’ve got room in my house for this but it’s a fun way of getting a treat each month and reading something a bit different so I’m going to give it a go for a couple of months and the November box was a wonderful autumnal mix of some true life crime, camomile tea, chocolate treat and cinnamon-y bath oil.

Order now for December…

Drawing in


The Painter’s family (detail)


Another detail of The Painter’s family

Some time before I or any of us had even heard of hyyge, I had a short summer visit to Norway where I went to the National Gallery and strongly enjoyed the National bend for painting lots of pictures of people having breakfast. It’s very easy art to live with, and I found it immensely comforting. I particularly like this one for early winter with the lamplight on the faces, and the mix of snow, books and porridge.




Came across Kristy Kun’s incredibly tactile art at the Su Lam Chinese garden in Portland last month. I loved how in her interview for he show she said she just can’t stop her fingers from playing with fibres. Find Kristy on Instagram @opulentfibers

October 2017.