Andreas Gursky


This show really lived up to the hype – the Hayward Gallery is back with a bang! Fascinating to see how Gursky’s work has changed through his career and his much more deliberate / obvious manipulations of the images too. Closes April 22, so get there soon.

In a confectioner’s window


“She walked on, between kaleidoscopic peonies massed in pink clouds, black and brown tulips and fragile mauve stemmed roses, transparent like sugar flowers in a confectioner’s window – until, as if the scherzo of colour could reach no further intensity, it broke off suddenly in mid air”

F Scott Fitzgerald, Tender is the Night.

Blunt pencils, rose-sprigged cup

Ravening through the persistent bric-a-brac

Of blunt pencils, rose-sprigged coffee cup

Postage stamps, stacked books’ clammed and yawp,

Neighbourhood cockerel – all nature’s prodigal backtalk,

The vaulting mind

Snubs  impromptu spiels of wind

And wrestles to impose

Its own order on what is…

“On the difficulty of conjuring up a Dryad”, Sylvia Plath

Where did you think this scene was set? Initially I thought it must be a desk in Islington, overlooking one of the squares, and then I thought of the mid western prairies…

Odds and ends

Because sometimes we all just need to look at very pretty things.


Ballet pumps from Tu; rings from “Champagne and glitter” on Etsy and Cassidy Vintage via Instagram; H&M vase that is quite like Lyngby; Minimum Design via Etsy that are quite like both; flowers via Floom, an online shop that links you to independent florists in your area; & other stories blouse; Seinabo Sey “I Owe You Nothing”